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Sponsoring a documentary.

When you are a research agency, people expect few things from you other than:

  • A lot of numbers
  • Boredom
  • Some bad powerpoint
  • Death by a 1000 slides
  • Fried food in a focus group

We know this because this is why The Mix was founded. 


Our business purpose is simple:
Human behaviour is fascinating. Research isn’t.


This is a problem that blights all of our lives. 

From the products that we buy to the messages we receive, as research is done poorly people are free to ignore and sideline it, and therefore also free to sideline the needs of the people that buy these products and are influenced by these messages.

Research turns people into statistics and demographics.  It creates stereotypes and pictures of people, which often leave whole portions of society rendered dull and uninviting for marketers, politicians, creatives and agencies alike.   

They aren’t talked about and become an invisible.

We are trying to challenge this convention.

For the first time, The Mix head to Sheffield Doc Fest to launch their Grey is Shiny Pitch Competition. Five filmmakers will have the chance to pitch at the Festival and two winners will walk away with a commission from The Mix for their short documentaries.


Our pitch is this:

People that have reached retirement are often tarnished with a very distinctive brush. If we are pushed to characterise people this age, we might succumb to sweeping statements like they’re out of touch; they’re technophobes; they’re set in their ways; they’re averse to change.

The result? They are being ignored and forgotten.

But this is madness!  This is a generation that includes Tim Berners Lee, Steve Jobs, Anna Wintour to name but a few.

In the time we’ve spent with Baby Boomers we have found a generation who are redefining what it means to reach this life stage.  They’re dispelling the myths of what it means to be old, with an appetite for new experiences.

So how come, when people utter the word ‘retirement’, the image that springs to mind is the blue rinse brigade?  It is lazy and it is inaccurate.

We are looking for character-driven stories that bring to life the British Baby Boomers (53-71 year old) redefining what it means to reach this life stage. We want to invest in films about amazing human beings, not statistics and demographics.  Importantly, we are interested in human beings, not celebrities.  In celebrating the normal, not just the Hollywood version of events.


Research agencies don’t sponsor documentaries.

So we are.

Tash Walker

Tash Walker

I founded this business not out of passion but out of curiosity. Marketing is dominated by opinion, the opinion of a few Vs. the life experiences of the many. I wanted to know, where the hell was real life in all of this? I do all of this because it is fascinating, because I was told you couldn’t and because I think it is the most important question we have to understand about our society today.

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