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Only one pair in the whole world.

Everyone buys stuff.

Unless you are a hermit or have managed some sort of transcendental state, we all operate in a world where we need to procure things that we neither produce nor grow in order to survive and thrive.


If you buy things repeatedly, then a lot of the time you might make it into the lucky bucket one might call ‘brand loyal’.

My husband would be one of these people who would fit this bill nicely.


Sam loves a pair of trainers. At last count, he has over 50 pairs – mostly they are Adidas.


He can’t really tell you why he likes Adidas, something about his childhood, a particular pair of football boots he loved – all pretty vague but nonetheless he always talks very fondly of the brand.

If there is a better example of loyal out there, I can’t think of one.

Looking at his wardrobe, loyal might not even cover it.




He has shoes yes, but also shirts, t-shits, trousers, Adidas Originals, Adidas Neo, if there is something that Adidas make he likely has some of it.



They got him hook, line and sinker.



A couple of years back he got paid a bit more and started buying more stuff online. He bought some shoes from the Adidas online store and they recorded his details. He got sent one or two promotions and he bought a bit more.

The site remembered his bank details and it became even easier. Come payday without fail a pair of trainers would arrive on our doorstep.  Blue, red, yellow, green, purple, there was always a new colour, always a reason to get something else. He at one point got sent a card saying he was a ‘VIP’. He got more deals, more offers and more access.


Then one day, something changed. His eye was turned. He saw a pair of Nike ID trainers.   You could design your own. Sam is a designer. Designing his own shoes was like nectar to a bee, irresistible.

The process takes a while – you have to wait 6weeks for delivery but what a 6weeks they were! With updates as to how your shoes were getting on, what bit of the process they were in, oh the anticipation!

This time our doorstep was not laden with just another pair of yellow Gazelles. Nope this pair was a pony hair, leopard print, red stitched pair of Nike ID’s.





No-one else had them.


This Adidas fanboy had something new and shiny to talk about. And talk about them he did.


From New York to the Streets of London, from Barcelona to Orlando. Everywhere we went, there they were. Everywhere they were, people would come up to him and say ‘wow I love your trainers where did you get them from!”

A year later they still had the same effect as day 1. And sure as sure can be, this was not the last pair of Nike’s. Now our monthly trainer delivery holds Nike, sometimes it holds Adidas, but mostly it holds the sweet smell of fickle fickle trainer love.


Loyalty? No. Preference? Maybe.


Trainers trump Adidas. Categories trump brands.   Human behaviour trumps logical audience boxes.

Tash Walker

Tash Walker

I founded this business not out of passion but out of curiosity. Marketing is dominated by opinion, the opinion of a few Vs. the life experiences of the many. I wanted to know, where the hell was real life in all of this? I do all of this because it is fascinating, because I was told you couldn’t and because I think it is the most important question we have to understand about our society today.

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