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Be Bold, Be Brief, Be Gone.

Stuff, what shall I wear today?  Take out the rubbish later, garbage work, products, blogs I’m supposed to read, must check Facebook, Instagram, texting Jon later to see what he’s up to, email is ruining my life, listening constantly to my sister rant on, music on the radio is shit today, boxsets which one to watch?   More stuff. That meeting with my boss later, that meeting with my other boss tomorrow, what shall I have for dinner?  La la la. My kid needs picking up at 4pm, I might be late, the traffic is bad today, I hate driving, I need a new car, my hair needs a cut, I liked what that girl was wearing today.

A stream of client consciousness.

A stream The Mix has to fit into.

Make a difference.

Make an impact.

Or stay at home and don’t bother.

Those are your choices.

Be bold, be brief, be gone.


6 simple words. 6 well chosen words.

Have impact, make every second count, leave them wanting more.

Tash Walker

Tash Walker

I founded this business not out of passion but out of curiosity. Marketing is dominated by opinion, the opinion of a few Vs. the life experiences of the many. I wanted to know, where the hell was real life in all of this? I do all of this because it is fascinating, because I was told you couldn’t and because I think it is the most important question we have to understand about our society today.

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